Apps Blocked In Pakistan – How To Get Rid Of These Dangerous And Unnecessary Apps

Apps Blocked In Pakistan – How To Get Rid Of These Dangerous And Unnecessary Apps

There are a lot of apps that are banned in Pakistan and other countries because of their illegal activities. It is very important for you to have a complete list of your downloaded apps so that you will be able to know when and if it will be allowed again to use. You can start by using the top three apps which are most frequently banned in Pakistan.

apps blocked in pakistan


Apps with spyware and adware are not allowed in the country. These apps collect your personal data such as usernames and passwords and use them to gain access to your account on the internet. It is very easy for them to steal your private information and use it against you. These apps are also dangerous and can destroy your computer if used to the fullest.


Free programs like Facebook, MySpace, and Twitter are all also banned in the country. People who want to use these services will have to install these apps on their mobile phones. This will give them access to these social networking sites.


All music games that are not licensed will also be banned in the country. The main reason why music games are banned in Pakistan is that these games are designed to spy on your personal information. When you install a music game on your phone, it will record your activity on the internet without your consent. You will end up spending money on different applications when you download free music games.


Apps with spyware and adware are not allowed in the country and should be removed from your phone immediately. There are plenty of ways in which you can remove these apps from your phone. You can try to download anti-spyware apps and anti-adware apps from Google Play.


Once you install an anti-spyware or anti-adware app on your phone, it will automatically delete the malicious files. It will also protect your phone from these dangerous and harmful programs. Another solution is to install the anti-virus application. You need to download this application from the Internet and install it on your phone. After installing this application, you need to scan your phone for various viruses.


There are websites online that provide you with information about the latest apps which are available in the market. You can also check the list of top downloaded and free apps from Google Play and other leading Android portals.


In order to remove the top three apps, you just have to remove them one at a time. The reason behind these apps being banned is not clear and people can not find the reason behind it. Most of these apps are not used for the common good. They are used for making money.


These apps are being developed by the government department. In fact, there is no need for the government to block them as they are not useful for public consumption. These apps are only useful for the developers of the program. They earn money by selling the software.


If you want to download these apps, you need to sign up on the Google Play website using an authentic email ID. Once you enter your email id, you can browse the various applications available in the store. In case you are looking for entertainment, you can choose from the top entertainment apps.


When you want to use your phone to access the internet, you should remember that you are in Pakistan. If you are an American, you should use your regular SIM card as the connection. In case you are an Indian, you should use the 3G network. You can still access the World Wide Web in Pakistan if you do not own a SIM card.


There are many countries where internet services are not available. If you are living in Pakistan, you will not get internet services. You can either get internet in hotels, restaurants, cinemas and other public places.


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