Reviews of the Book and the Film

Reviews of the Book and the Film

reviews bill and ted face the music

If you are a die-hard Bill and Ted fan or not then you must have seen the movie “The Day the Earth Stood Still” starring Bill Murray and Ted Danson. The movie was one of my favorite movies when it came out in theaters and now that it is available on DVD, I want to review it so you can see if there were any real differences between the original screenplay and the one Bill Murray and Ted Danson made.


Well, the basic plot of the film is basically the same as the original screenplay but with a few additions from the point of view of Bill Murray and Ted Danson. As for what changes they made to the original screenplay, we will just have to wait until the film is released on DVD.


The biggest difference between Bill and Ted’s face the music and the original screenplay is the characters. In the original screenplay, Ted Danson and Bill Murray are very different characters but in the film, both characters become more like each other.


In the original screenplay, Ted Danson is the one who is the head of the school and is always having fights with Bill Murray. But when Bill Murray decided to change his appearance in order to go back to college, Ted Danson became much nicer to Bill Murray.


As the story goes, Bill is going to the University of California to study acting, but before that, he is also going to take part in a competition. But during his time, he accidentally kills his best friend (which makes him feel guilty). And this is when he gets in touch with an alien race who would help him with his acting career.


But the problem happens when Ted has to go to Las Vegas in order to compete for the prize money. But once he arrives at the city, he is attacked by some people who try to shoot him.


Bill then decides to go back home but ends up meeting an alien who asks him to be one of their guest stars in the movie in exchange for helping them with the screenplay. So Bill agrees and gets his friend Ted to play the role of Dr. Ian Malcolm. Dr. Malcolm is Bill’s assistant in the original screenplay, who helps him with his studies.


But after the movie is over, Bill ends up getting an email from Dr. Malcolm telling him that he wants to meet with him to see if he still wants to be an assistant. After Bill accepts, they end up meeting in Las Vegas where Dr. Malcolm explains that the film is a science fiction film and not a comedy but Bill is skeptical about this.


However, Dr. Malcolm tells him that he knows the plot of the movie and that it will not work as a comedy because the audience will have a hard time understanding what is happening. But since the film is science fiction, then they can all relate. with the story.


But before long, Bill and Ted face the music becomes successful and eventually it becomes a huge hit. But now, both Bill and Ted have changed their roles due to the success of the film and they become very close friends.


In the film, there are three main characters and Dr. Malcolm was the least interesting of these three characters. He also is one of the least liked of them. Although he is the most important character in the film, Bill and Ted’s face the music was only released as a feature-length.


In the book, there were many other characters who also played major roles in the film but they do not get the same attention as Dr. Malcolm in the book. Although Dr. Malcolm is not the most important character, they are also two of the most important characters in the book.


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